Reminisce your precious high school days

No need to rummage through your old stuff trying to look for your high school yearbook photos. You can use our incredible AI Yearbook Photo Generator to recreate your 90s or Y2K yearbook photos. Hop on the trend and experience the magic now!


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How does the Yearbook Photo Generator work?

It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Upload your photos

Select images from your device and upload them. Aragon AI supports all major image formats, and you can upload multiple images at a time.


Let AI work its magic

Our AI Yearbook generator automatically detects the photo’s subject and creates an album of yearbook photos in under 30 minutes. No need for photo editing skills to create yearbook images!


Select your AI Yearbook Photos

You’ll receive an album of 90s and Y2K-style yearbook photos in different outfits, poses, and backgrounds. Reminisce your high school days without digging through the attic or garage in search of your old photos!

Why choose our AI Yearbook Generator?


Generate your AI yearbook pictures in a few minutes

Our generator is not only easy to use, but you can also enjoy looking at your new AI-generated yearbook photos in under 30 minutes. Try it for yourself and get your friends to try out our tool too! 


Explore various 90s and Y2K themed AI Yearbook designs

You can choose from a variety of retro AI Yearbook template ideas for the perfect yearbook photo. There are lots of poses, hairstyles, and backgrounds to choose from to match your style!


Get yearbook photos that actually look like you

Our AI yearbook generator’s algorithm is focused on retaining unique facial features. Expect the details that make you you (like your moles and dimples) to be visible in your AI-generated photos!


Join the social media AI yearbook photo trend

Generating 90s-themed yearbook headshots is never not trendy. Multiple influencers jumped on the trend already. Why not try it for yourself and witness the magic unfold?

Why use our AI Yearbook Photos Generator?

With the AI yearbook trend sweeping across social media, it's the perfect time to create your fashionable AI yearbook image using our generator! Simply upload a handful of selfies and take a few moments to customize your nostalgic yearbook pictures. Don’t hesitate to share it on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok to get a ton of engagement from your followers!

Professional Quality

Create high-quality yearbook images with our AI generator, designed to deliver crisp, professional-looking results that capture details precisely.

Flexible Options

Customize your yearbook photos with multiple templates and backgrounds, giving you the flexibility to match your unique style or school spirit.

Easy Editing

With our user-friendly photo editing tools, you can easily adjust and refine your yearbook images within our site, making it simple to get the perfect look with minimal effort.

Free Redo

Create your yearbook photos with the freedom to revise as needed. Our AI yearbook generator allows for unlimited redos at no extra cost, ensuring you get the exact look you desire without any additional charges.

Quick and Simple

Generate your AI yearbook photos quickly and effortlessly. Just upload 6-10 of your photos, wait for less than half an hour, make a few tweaks, and you're ready to share your nostalgic creation online.

Premium quality without the premium price

Unlock Premium Features - Explore our affordable pricing plans to access exclusive templates and advanced editing tools.

  • 📸 20 high-quality yearbook photos

  • ⏱️ 2-hour processing time

  • 👕 5 outfits and backgrounds

  • 🕺 5 poses

Buy Starter
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  • 📸 60 high-quality yearbook photos

  • ⏱️ 1-hour processing time

  • 👕 20 outfits and backgrounds

  • 🕺 20 poses

Buy Basic
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  • 📸 100 high-quality yearbook photos

  • ⏱️ 30-min processing time

  • 👕 40 outfits and backgrounds

  • 🕺 40 poses

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Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? You can email us at or try our live chat. We are here to assist you.

What kind of photos do I need to upload?

Unlike other AI yearbook generators that require 15-25 photos, our advanced AI technology only needs 6-10 of your favorite photos. Our automatic validators will also assist you in selecting the best ones.

What photo formats are supported?

We support JPG and PNG formats, with a maximum file size limit of 5MB.

Do I need professional photos to be taken before trying this?

Not at all. Just upload your favorite pictures of yourself, and we'll take care of the rest—no need for expensive photo shoots, outfits, or backgrounds.

Do I need image editing skills to edit my yearbook photos?

No, our set of photo editing tools on the site is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. You can use our AI tools to increase the quality of your photos with just a few clicks thanks to the power of our state-of-the-art AI tech, even if you have no prior experience with photo editing.

How do I ensure the best quality for my edited images?

For the best results, use high-resolution images and ensure good lighting in the original photo. Our tool also provides basic editing options to enhance the quality of your images.

Are my original generated images saved after clicking on Edit?

Yes, your original image remains unchanged. The new edited version automatically gets saved as a separate file.

I'm having trouble using the AI Yearbook Photos generator. What should I do?

If you encounter any issues, try refreshing the page. If the problem persists, contact our support team for assistance.

How can I report a bug or suggest a new feature for the tool?

We value your feedback! Please use the 'Contact Us' section on our website to report any bugs or suggest new features.

What do you do with my data?

Even before purchasing a plan or subscribing to Aragon AI, we will never sell your data to anyone. Please refer to our terms and conditions and privacy policy for more details.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! Unlike other free online AI photo editors, we're so confident in our technology that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Please see our refund policy for details.

I love your product! How can I spread the word?

I'm glad you asked! We offer a referral program with amazing rewards, as well as an affiliate program where you can earn a 20% commission on each sale you help facilitate. To date, we have over 600 affiliates, and some of our partners have made over $100,000!

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