TryitonAi vs. - Choose the Best Headshot Generator

Are you looking for the best AI headshot generator? Learn how TryitonAI stacks up to in this full head-to-head comparison.

Wesley Tian
Wesley Tian
TryitonAi vs. - Choose the Best Headshot Generator

Your professional image is essential. It’s the first thing prospective employers, business partners, or customers see when they learn about you. Are you choosing the best AI headshot generator for your needs?

Before you pull out your wallet, you’ll want to ensure you choose the right option. At, we’ve saved our customers over $19 million when you account for our $35 fee compared to $350 for a mid-range professional headshot. To help you avoid spending money on multiple generators, we decided to compare our tool head-to-head against TryitonAi.

We believe we’re the best option, but check out the specs for yourself.

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The Specs: Full Head-to-Head Comparison Between TryitonAi and
Time to Generate90 minutes30 minutes
Photos Needed to Generate10-306
Number of Options Generated100-20020-100
Money Back GuaranteeNo100% money-back guarantee
Help You Select the Best HeadshotsNoYes
Professional and Team HeadshotsYesYes
Dating Profile HeadshotsNoYes

Why Is the Better Choice

While Try It On AI headshots are a bit cheaper, you get what you pay for in this case. stands out in quality, ease of use, and versatility.

Better Quality

When you choose, we’re so sure you’ll be happy with the results that we give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

Tryiton can’t say the same for their product. Their website only states that you should email them if you aren’t happy, and they’ll try to help you through the process. There’s no mention of the possibility of a refund.

Plus, while you get more headshots generated with Tryiton (100-200 options), their generator needs to do that because most are lower quality. Imagine having to sift through hundreds of headshots just to find the select few that actually look good.

Instead, uses custom AI models built by AI researchers and Microsoft and Meta engineers. These models create realistic results that actually look like you. Our tool will even help you select the best ones to save time.

Our quality speaks for itself, and our customers think so, too.

Ease of Use

We know that busy professionals want results fast. That way, you can get back to meetings, landing interviews, or closing deals.

All you have to do when you choose Aragon is select your 6 favorite and most recent pictures of yourself and wait 30 minutes to get the results.

It’s a quick and seamless process compared to tools like Tryitonai, where you have to select 10-30 pictures and wait a full 90 minutes, where you still might need to make additional edits to the images before they’re useable.


While Tryiton is limited to professional and team headshots, Aragon allows you to do more. can also generate dating profile photos or just general pictures of yourself, so you’ll always be looking your best no matter the occasion.

Ready to give it a try? Get started with here.

The Results Compared

The results speak for themselves. Recently, Danielle Abril of the Washington Post tried both options for herself.

While Try It On made her look older and gave her face a more “cartoonish” look, kept her professional image looking sleek and, most importantly, looking like herself.


Visit Instead of TryitonAi

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